Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Updates & Surprises

I am super busy but I really wanted to take a minute to catch y'all up in all the SUPER exciting and really cool things that are going on here at craftyGAgal Creations. I am really proud to announce that there is now a Facebook Page for craftyGAgal Creations where people can become "fans" and can keep up with me on HERE on Facebook. I am planning on doing some FUN things with this page, including showcasing an ITEM of the day that will be on sale, sneak previews of items before they are listed and maybe even a contest or giveaway. Please if you are not already a "fan" which I also like to refer to as Friends... on Facebook then please go here to do so. I was proud to announce I had it BUT I am HUMBLED to say that in just about 24 hours, when I last checked, I had 206 FANS/Friends!! I am so touched by the constant support I get from my friends. Anyone who knows my knows that I love saying... "The reason I love my computer IS because my friends LIVE in it"...and I never felt this more than recently with the some of the GREAT friends I have made online.
Second I was surprised and absolutely delighted to get an e-mail from an etsy seller named CantaloupeCorner letting me know that she featured a pair of my stained glass earrings in her "My Etsy Faves!" as #2! These are the earrings and you can find them listed here. Thanks Cataloupe Corner...y'all head on over and check out her shop and her blog. Thanks again for that, it made my day!
We have made our FIRST sale at Dylan Blue. It was a beautiful pendant that we are planning on making more can see it here.


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