Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Fall/Winter Items

These are Fall/Winter items to be listed in my craftyGAgal Creations
Later this week.
I participate in Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Smiles and Pumpkin Hats

Smile.....I type it in e-mails, on Twitter, even keep it on my screen saver as a constant reminder to do it~ TO SMILE! I would like to share a few of my favorite sales & customers, in this and future posts, that make what I do what I LOVE. All my sales are special but every now and then there are a few that touch my heart and stick with me.....these stories that accompany these sales are the Reason I love to craft/create and then share it with all of you. It is the little notes, the glowing reviews, and the joy my handmade treasures make people that make me feel like what I do is kind of like in the business of making people happy~ how cool is that!

The one I choose to start off with has to be one of my all time favorite sales. This sale took place last year when I was then selling on eBay. Not only was Sarah Tisdale a delight to do business with but I think I got just as much out of this sale as she did ~such as ~ a great satisfaction and the knowledge that my handmade treasure played such a special role in something Special to Sarah. I made this hat- a pumpkin hat that was just too cute. I knew it would make a cute picture on some baby but never expected what I got back. Sarah bought the hat and shared with me that she was making a calendar of her Cute enough to eat son Chase Tisdale for the Grandparents as a Christmas present. She was having each month a different theme and my pumpkin hat was gonna be used for October. She said she would let me see the pictures when they were finished...and she kept her word. and I was shocked at how incredible cute these pictures turned out. She gave me permission to share them with you. Here is CUTIE PIE~ Pumpkin Pie ~ Chase!

These adorable pictures were taken by Jessica Lake Photography at I have looked at her site and her talent is beyond words....believe she is located in if you are in that area and looking for some GREAT pictures, just click on her name for link.

This is the sweet message that Chase's Sweet mother Sarah sent me~

"It makes me smile knowing that Chase's pumpkin hat was made by such a special woman. ......And your sweet little hat made October my favorite month." ~ NOW that is what I responses like that t my work. To this day Chase Tisdale and his Sweet Mom Sarah remain one if not my favorite client! Thanks Sarah & Chase!!! If you would like to order a pumpkin hat for your pumpkin or someone you truly is a great gift and as you can see, with very little, just a few real pumpkins it can make the most adorable pictures. You can contact me on here through comment, send me a convo through etsy at my etsy shop craftyGAgal Creations or Facebook....haha let me count the ways, right?
I am planning on listing them in my shops real soon but to secure your hat, I thought I would give my loyal blog readers first shot at orders!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Someone You Should Meet

It is time again for someone I want to share with you. I have two requirements when looking for someone to showcase, I like their items/product/design and I like them as a person...and Heather is all of that and more. She is super friendly, EXTREMELY Talented and her jewelry is the kind you just want to wear Everyday. After meeting and reading Heather's blog I can tell that she puts a extraordinary amount of time into her designs...she see designs, she makes them, you can tell She Loves Them and I know YOU WILL TOO (I DO!)!!!!

Name~ Heather Braun of Dalkullan Jewelry
shop website~
blog website~
Facebook business page~

1. What kind of handmade items do you sell in your etsy shop?
I design and craft jewelry -- necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

2. Explain your craft/art for people who may not be familiar with it?
I started out tak
ing beads and findings and assembling them into jewelry. Findings are things like clasps, earwires, and jump rings. I'd get an idea of how I wanted something to look which I couldn't do with manufactured findings, and began doing some wire wrapping. That only whetted my appetite to begin fabricating components from sheet metal. I began acquiring more and more tools; a torch, tumbler, files, jeweler's saw, and then the quantum leap occurred when I took a metalworking class from Joe Silvera. Now I'm completely fabricating my latest pieces from sheet metal and wire, and it's a lot of fun. I do have some plans to make more beaded jewelry, too. I've got a gorgeous stash of beads that want to be made into jewelry.

3. What is your favorite part of the creative process?
Making the jump between designing a piece on paper, and actually creating it out of metal. It's amazing to me to look at my drawings and the finished piece together, it's a real "Wow, I actually make this" moment.

4. If you have to pick one item in your shop as your Favorite which one would it be?
(pictured above)
The last thing I've made always has a special place in my heart, but they're all dear to me. Since I must pick one, it'd be the Noir Necklace.

5. Where do you hope to see your etsy shop in 1 yr?
I'd like to be making a few sales a week, and hopefully begin making a profit in a year. I'd love to use gemstones in my designs, learning how to set stones is definitely on the agenda, and also incorporating some gold into my designs.
There are new techniques I'd like to learn, granulation and metal forming on stakes. I've got ideas for new designs I'd like to implement. I'd also like to increase my tool stash, more types of hammers, a rolling mill, stakes, another torch, and a lovely jeweler's bench.
6. Is etsy the only place people can find you online?
I've dabbled on a couple other online venues, but Etsy is my only active shop. I really like Etsy, it's not perfect, but it's a wonderful site, and I'm planning on being on Etsy for a long time. The staff at Etsy are just tops, and I've learned so much from their emails and of course the Forums and Storque are awesome!

I think that Heather will be doing a WHOLE LOT MORE that a few sales a month come this time next yr. Mark my word... want proof, go check out her Signature "LIFESAVER EARRINGS"

Her Shop is FULL of eye candy, HAHA, get it , lifesavers, candy ,haha.... but seriously it is.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lookie What I Made

To understand the back story to this bracelet that I made for myself, from some GORGEOUS GREEN AMETHYST, you have to go read the previous post "Lookie What I Got". I added some Bali Silver Fish- Two that are Kissin'- and I used two fish with my Amethyst, which is my birthstone because I am also a Pieces, a few pretty purple amethyst with awesome white chevron pattern on them, some sterling silver beads and a sterling silver clasp. I am so in love with the way it turned out, honored that my dear friend sent them to me and even more touched that she is my friend. I call my NEW FAVORITE Bracelet (shhh don't tell the hubby he has bought me some gorgeous diamond bracelets but this one is MY FAVORITE Hands Down) "Kissing Fish"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lookie What I Got!

Hello Friends, I have been dying to share this with y'all for a couple days now, but I have had one issue after another, starting with my USB cord breaking off in my camera. I will spare y'all the Good run of BAD luck I had after that, but all is well , my photo uploading capabilities are Back!!! Look what I got in the mail from a DEAR, SWEET friend. I am going to do a blog post on her coming up, so for now I am not gonna link to her shops, BUT I wanted to show you my surprise. She sent me some GREEN AMETHYST... we were talking jewelry one day, I know BIG SURPRISE THERE, and she commented that she was using Green Amethyst in a piece and I had never seen any "green" amethyst, which is my birthstone and one of my all time FAVORITES. She said they were gorgeous, I asked her to take a picture and she is such a SWEETHEART, she just sent me what was left over. I am so glad she sent them because I see now that their Beautiful color does not begin to translate to a photo. I was so proud of them, plus my first parcel from Thailand, I took pictures to share with y'all.
I LOVE THEM, don't you? What is SO Special, is that not only did this dear friend send them to me, but she also teaches me so much. She is one of the MANY Special people that have come into my life lately that I know were Heaven Sent! She has been stressing the importance of loving me, and looking out for me, like I would for my best friend or my kids. WOW Such a simple concept, yet when she said it I was like, oh my, she has got a point. SO in honor of this simple yet so important fact that she has opened my eyes to, I am making ME something out of these beauties, which is something I rarely do. I know it seems funny, the woman who makes the pretty jewelry never makes herself something. I will post a picture of what I make when I am done. Thanks A.S.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

When Do You Start To List Items for the Fall/Winter Season?

I have a question maybe y'all can help me with....
This is my first year selling on etsy and my therefore my first FALL/WINTER season. I have a ton ready to listing including hats, scarves, afghans and wrist warmer...and I am itching to know when is the right time to list them? I started listing hats but made them inactive because with the way etsy is right now you can rearrange your inventory (although I hear through the etsy Labs they are working on it) and they are all right in the front & while it is 100 degrees here in GA I thought they looked way out of place.
I have read about people who sell throughout the year due to international sales coming from cooler weather but I have yet to make an international sale so I was not catering to that group. I will after they are listed probably keep what does not sell during this time in, especially if the option to rearrange is available due to the fact that I would like to sell international.
I would love to hear y'all ideas on this matter.
So my question is~ when do you start to list fall/winter items in your shop/site/online shop?

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Creations

I wanted to take a minute to show y'all what I have been working on lately. These are part of a large custom order so I was a little sad that y'all would not see I thought I would show y'all anyway. I plan on making a few of the ones here to list in my etsy shop, the ones that I have enough materials. I am in love with several of these pieces and really hope y'all like them too.
I would LOVE to hear which you like the best or are you helps me to keep up with my customers/ friends taste!

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