Friday, June 26, 2009

Promised Update- My Shops Three Weeks Stats

Let Me start by saying TGIF!!!Photobucket Photobucket
Whoo Hooo my etsy shop "craftyGAgal's Southern Handmade Gifts" has been open for 3 weeks (well yesterday was 3 weeks exactly & my stats are from opening to Yesterday). I am really pleased with how my shop is doing and feel etsy is such a better fit for my products then eBay was. OK BEFORE all my eBay friends- and I have a lot...start throwing stuff at me- I love just seems it was hard to get people to understand the value of "handmade" there....and AGAIN not all or everyone just in general.

As far as stats go this is where I was at my 3 week mark. Only thing not entirely accurate is the views (and I will try to explain why).
Sales ~ 14
Shop hearts ~ 120
Hearts on individual items ~ 37
Views ~ 4063

Ok let me explain how the views are not entirely accurate- each time an items sells it deducts the views that items had from my ACTUAL views are HIGHER then what I have here. Simple example to explain- if I had 3 items and each had 20 views making a total of 60 if 1 of those items sell instead of my views still being 60 with only 2 views drop to the amount of views for the items that are still for sale. MAKE SENSE? LOL Gosh I hope so...
All this information was gathered at Craft Cult which is a great site to check if you sell on etsy- ^^WARNING^^checking your stats becomes addictive...Believe me...."Hello my name is Meredith and I am a Craft Cult addict". Also feel free to check my stats for yourself there- like I mentioned before I am all about helping people and do not mind if it helps you understand the site and how it works. To check your stats on Craft Cult you simply enter in you etsy check mine Enter in "craftyGAgal".

Well that about sums it up as far as where I was standing with my shop open three weeks. I am pleased and enthusiastic about continue to build my shop and MOST IMPORTANTLY making people smile one handmade TREASURE at a time. I am also please to report that when I went to double check a stat for this post- I had another SALE!
Oh did I mention that I am so glad it is FRIDAY (oh I did, well let me mention it AGAIN! Here is how I feel ~note the kitty theme for this FRIDAY!
I also thought since I am so thankful to all my friends, supporters and customers that I would use this Siggie tonight!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cha Cha Cha Changes.....

Be glad you are not in ear shot....I can't sing. That was my poor attempt at Changes by David Bowie- GREAT tune..... Have a listen if you it stuck in my head a looked it up.

Alrighty, music time over kids, now down to business, it has really been bothering me to post because I know I had said in my last post that I would give a 2 week update to how the shop is doing. Hence the song Changes...change in plans.....which is really not that new ofr me, mother of twins, always change in plans. Well I was going to still do it, wrote down all the stats for that day- the 2 week mark- but well it is 2 days shy of being 3 weeks so I figured I would just make it a 3 week breakdown of how I am doing, views, sales, hearts. I am really please and am excited to share. I do have the stats for that time if after posting anyone is wanting a closer look we could break it down from the time between week 2 and week 3....make sense? LOL Sorry it is late. I am also in the process of writing up some information for I have gotten a lot of questions about where my views and sales are coming is not a secret nor am the greedy type that doesn't want everyone to do well and I am totally willing to share & help. I am writing some detailed information for those who are interested but I can give you the short answer right now....TWITTER & FACEBOOK. There is a lot to it but those two are pretty much the bottom line the success (or what I feel is success) that my shop is having. Plus the big BONUS to these 2 sites it I have really made some good friends! That reminds me of this picture.....

I hope EVERYONE is having a GREAT week- make sure and stop by my shop I have been a listing fool, over 60 handmade treasures now made, listed and ready to is just a little peek of some of the items...

So now I promise, I vow, that since I opened my shop late late Thursday night coming up this Thursday that by Friday I will have that post I have been talking about. Deal? Good! Deal!

Now I have a question, is there anything you want to know or don't understand about Facebook or Twitter? Any questions or things that are unclear, please leave a comment and I will try my best to address any questions or issues in the article I am working on! Thanks

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YART Sale Wrap-Up

I am happy to that I decided to participate in the YART Sale on etsy. I made 3 sales during this 4 days sale. I would have like to list more but it also happened to be my twins 7th birthday. I am moving right along and enjoying all my friends I am meating on etsy- what a telented and GREAT group of people (and not only are the sellers great but the buyers are truely a different type!)

I would like to tell you about a dear friend of mine who has been selling on etsy for a little while and is not only a Talented Artist but one of the kindest most caring people I have met. I am proud to call Melissa my friend. Melissa Cain owns Sweetbunnyrabbit's Creations. I am surprising her and did not tell her about this post BUT I am going to e-mail her and ask her if I can put a picture of one of her wicked cool items -she makes the most beautiful wire wrapped rings (I am lucky enough to be the proud owner of one). She has something for everyone- from girlie girl Awesome flower lampwork beaded rings to more Rocker Skull Rings with just the right amount of BLING! Be sure to check her out.
Update~As promised Here is one of Melissa's BEAUTIFUL rings- you will find the listing HERE
This is called Autumn Flower

On Thursday I will have blog about my 2 weeks on etsy......don't miss it

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lot's of Exciting Updates!

Wow, I am really excited about how my etsy shop is coming along. I have a few updates, but first let me tell you how much I love etsy. I am new to this site, I have sold on others, not gonna mention any names (eBay) and I am thrilled about the "vibe" I get at etsy. It is very user friendly (which scores high in my book ~less steps to do something the better), the forums are fabulous (almost instant replies), the chat rooms are addicting and the people,both Sellers and Buyers are just different (different meaning Awesome, kind and helpful....mixed in with Total Angles). I am starting to feel very much at home there. Even though I have been a "member" I never spent much time on there till opening my store Thursday ~boy was I missin' out!

Next I want to announce that I am participating in the Yart Sale on Etsy sponsored by Team ESST. What is a Yart Sale you ask???~~Well just think YARD + ART = YART! So head on over to my shop & check it out.

And Last but CERTAINLY not Least! I am so SUPER excited & HONORED & touched & well you get the point, that my Blue Square Stained Glass Earrings were selected to be in a Treasury (yes me, the gal who has only been selling less that a week in my VERY 1st Treasury). To see this beautiful treasury just click here!

Now enuff bout me! I would like to tell you about one of those great etsy finds I told you I was gonna share with y'all.....not only is this a Sweet Sweet person (she will always have a special place in my heart for including my in my first ever Treasury~YEP those great picks were her's) but SHE IS SO talented! Jenny is the owner of the etsy shop CowlickCutie and her stuff is just about too cute for words. I looked at first in awe and envy of the cute little girl accessories because I have twin boys and never got to buy any of that cute stuff , BUT then I saw that she carries all kinds of stuff, like beautiful Memo Boards & more. So please mosey on over there a take a peek- promise you will not be disappointed (would I steer y'all wrong- NEVER!) Ok so that is all for today, you are now "officially" caught up!

BTW I am listing the Blue Stained Glass Etched with Flower Design Tomorrow!

Later Gators.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hey hey hey! Welcome to my NEW blog for my NEW etsy Shop craftyGAgal's Southern Handmade Gifts. Right now I am having my GRAND OPENING and all purchases get a FREE GIFT~that's right I said F-R-E-E! I have started by opening the latest craft to consume me- Stained Glass! I am so proud to say I have already made 3 sales since opening on June 4th. I have be busy on my back porch "studio" (ok so it's not a studio, just my screened in back porch, but that makes me feel special to call it that- lol) making beautiful, one of a kind Stained Glass Jewelry! I have yet to decide if I am gonna load my etsy shop up with all my crafts that I make-and those of you who know me know that the list is becoming endless, or just keep this one for stained glass....guess time will tell. Any ideas or thoughts on that?? Be sure to leave me a comment (I LOVE COMMENTS).
Stained Glass jewelry is so neat- like Mini Stained Glass Windows that you can wear is how I like to refer to them. So head on over to my shop and take a look. Make sure and mark my shop so you can check back often, for I am adding new items daily. Right now I have about 50 completed pieces waiting to be listed.....any one know if there is a "listing fairy" out there that might do it while I sleep?!?!?!
Also I am planing to showcase some other sweet etsy find I run into along my new journey into the world of selling on etsy. posting new items, and giving special specails just for Blog go ahead become a follower , pretty please?
Here is just a glimpse of my new shop

Later Gators~ craftyGAgal
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