Friday, June 26, 2009

Promised Update- My Shops Three Weeks Stats

Let Me start by saying TGIF!!!Photobucket Photobucket
Whoo Hooo my etsy shop "craftyGAgal's Southern Handmade Gifts" has been open for 3 weeks (well yesterday was 3 weeks exactly & my stats are from opening to Yesterday). I am really pleased with how my shop is doing and feel etsy is such a better fit for my products then eBay was. OK BEFORE all my eBay friends- and I have a lot...start throwing stuff at me- I love just seems it was hard to get people to understand the value of "handmade" there....and AGAIN not all or everyone just in general.

As far as stats go this is where I was at my 3 week mark. Only thing not entirely accurate is the views (and I will try to explain why).
Sales ~ 14
Shop hearts ~ 120
Hearts on individual items ~ 37
Views ~ 4063

Ok let me explain how the views are not entirely accurate- each time an items sells it deducts the views that items had from my ACTUAL views are HIGHER then what I have here. Simple example to explain- if I had 3 items and each had 20 views making a total of 60 if 1 of those items sell instead of my views still being 60 with only 2 views drop to the amount of views for the items that are still for sale. MAKE SENSE? LOL Gosh I hope so...
All this information was gathered at Craft Cult which is a great site to check if you sell on etsy- ^^WARNING^^checking your stats becomes addictive...Believe me...."Hello my name is Meredith and I am a Craft Cult addict". Also feel free to check my stats for yourself there- like I mentioned before I am all about helping people and do not mind if it helps you understand the site and how it works. To check your stats on Craft Cult you simply enter in you etsy check mine Enter in "craftyGAgal".

Well that about sums it up as far as where I was standing with my shop open three weeks. I am pleased and enthusiastic about continue to build my shop and MOST IMPORTANTLY making people smile one handmade TREASURE at a time. I am also please to report that when I went to double check a stat for this post- I had another SALE!
Oh did I mention that I am so glad it is FRIDAY (oh I did, well let me mention it AGAIN! Here is how I feel ~note the kitty theme for this FRIDAY!
I also thought since I am so thankful to all my friends, supporters and customers that I would use this Siggie tonight!


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