Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hey hey hey! Welcome to my NEW blog for my NEW etsy Shop craftyGAgal's Southern Handmade Gifts. Right now I am having my GRAND OPENING and all purchases get a FREE GIFT~that's right I said F-R-E-E! I have started by opening the latest craft to consume me- Stained Glass! I am so proud to say I have already made 3 sales since opening on June 4th. I have be busy on my back porch "studio" (ok so it's not a studio, just my screened in back porch, but that makes me feel special to call it that- lol) making beautiful, one of a kind Stained Glass Jewelry! I have yet to decide if I am gonna load my etsy shop up with all my crafts that I make-and those of you who know me know that the list is becoming endless, or just keep this one for stained glass....guess time will tell. Any ideas or thoughts on that?? Be sure to leave me a comment (I LOVE COMMENTS).
Stained Glass jewelry is so neat- like Mini Stained Glass Windows that you can wear is how I like to refer to them. So head on over to my shop and take a look. Make sure and mark my shop so you can check back often, for I am adding new items daily. Right now I have about 50 completed pieces waiting to be listed.....any one know if there is a "listing fairy" out there that might do it while I sleep?!?!?!
Also I am planing to showcase some other sweet etsy find I run into along my new journey into the world of selling on etsy. posting new items, and giving special specails just for Blog go ahead become a follower , pretty please?
Here is just a glimpse of my new shop

Later Gators~ craftyGAgal



Awesome girl! You are doing fantastic! I hope you have lots of luck and I am gonna add a link to your store in my etsy welcome! Huggs!

craftyGAgal "Meredith"

Thanks Melissa! You are a doll and a great friend. Thanks for adding my link, I really appreciate it! Hugs!


wow! wonderful pieces you have made..

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