Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lot's of Exciting Updates!

Wow, I am really excited about how my etsy shop is coming along. I have a few updates, but first let me tell you how much I love etsy. I am new to this site, I have sold on others, not gonna mention any names (eBay) and I am thrilled about the "vibe" I get at etsy. It is very user friendly (which scores high in my book ~less steps to do something the better), the forums are fabulous (almost instant replies), the chat rooms are addicting and the people,both Sellers and Buyers are just different (different meaning Awesome, kind and helpful....mixed in with Total Angles). I am starting to feel very much at home there. Even though I have been a "member" I never spent much time on there till opening my store Thursday ~boy was I missin' out!

Next I want to announce that I am participating in the Yart Sale on Etsy sponsored by Team ESST. What is a Yart Sale you ask???~~Well just think YARD + ART = YART! So head on over to my shop & check it out.

And Last but CERTAINLY not Least! I am so SUPER excited & HONORED & touched & well you get the point, that my Blue Square Stained Glass Earrings were selected to be in a Treasury (yes me, the gal who has only been selling less that a week in my VERY 1st Treasury). To see this beautiful treasury just click here!

Now enuff bout me! I would like to tell you about one of those great etsy finds I told you I was gonna share with y'all.....not only is this a Sweet Sweet person (she will always have a special place in my heart for including my in my first ever Treasury~YEP those great picks were her's) but SHE IS SO talented! Jenny is the owner of the etsy shop CowlickCutie and her stuff is just about too cute for words. I looked at first in awe and envy of the cute little girl accessories because I have twin boys and never got to buy any of that cute stuff , BUT then I saw that she carries all kinds of stuff, like beautiful Memo Boards & more. So please mosey on over there a take a peek- promise you will not be disappointed (would I steer y'all wrong- NEVER!) Ok so that is all for today, you are now "officially" caught up!

BTW I am listing the Blue Stained Glass Etched with Flower Design Tomorrow!

Later Gators.


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