Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cha Cha Cha Changes.....

Be glad you are not in ear shot....I can't sing. That was my poor attempt at Changes by David Bowie- GREAT tune..... Have a listen if you it stuck in my head a looked it up.

Alrighty, music time over kids, now down to business, it has really been bothering me to post because I know I had said in my last post that I would give a 2 week update to how the shop is doing. Hence the song Changes...change in plans.....which is really not that new ofr me, mother of twins, always change in plans. Well I was going to still do it, wrote down all the stats for that day- the 2 week mark- but well it is 2 days shy of being 3 weeks so I figured I would just make it a 3 week breakdown of how I am doing, views, sales, hearts. I am really please and am excited to share. I do have the stats for that time if after posting anyone is wanting a closer look we could break it down from the time between week 2 and week 3....make sense? LOL Sorry it is late. I am also in the process of writing up some information for I have gotten a lot of questions about where my views and sales are coming is not a secret nor am the greedy type that doesn't want everyone to do well and I am totally willing to share & help. I am writing some detailed information for those who are interested but I can give you the short answer right now....TWITTER & FACEBOOK. There is a lot to it but those two are pretty much the bottom line the success (or what I feel is success) that my shop is having. Plus the big BONUS to these 2 sites it I have really made some good friends! That reminds me of this picture.....

I hope EVERYONE is having a GREAT week- make sure and stop by my shop I have been a listing fool, over 60 handmade treasures now made, listed and ready to is just a little peek of some of the items...

So now I promise, I vow, that since I opened my shop late late Thursday night coming up this Thursday that by Friday I will have that post I have been talking about. Deal? Good! Deal!

Now I have a question, is there anything you want to know or don't understand about Facebook or Twitter? Any questions or things that are unclear, please leave a comment and I will try my best to address any questions or issues in the article I am working on! Thanks


Michelle (hometc)

Hi Meredith,
Just saw your tweet so now I'm following your blog. A great blogging site to join that will help you promote your blog and business is You will start getting alot more comments and followers when you join. Also, stop by my blog and enter my giveaway for a free tropical style table lamp worth over $60.00. Good luck with your etsy store! :)


Yeah!!! way to go on your etsy shop.. I know I love twitter and facebook for promoting :)

I love the little cartoon *waves to all my friends in the computer*

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments

I would really like to know all about twitter and facebook! I am learning every.thing. as I go (etsy and blogging). I have an amazing group of repeat customers over the 24 years of doing my pen and ink, but would really like to see etsy work to reach new ones.

(also learned that saying come by my blog is considered "spamming"? if so, dont come by, but if you dont miind and do , puh-leeze leave a comment so I know you were by)

PersonalizedSketches aka Maria aka computer challenged (but facing it!)

craftyGAgal "Meredith" I do not consider it spamming at least on my blog- think it is all about how you approach it. I am getting together some GREAT info about twitter and FB and using it to get views and whatnot. I would be happy to tell you as soon as it is done. I will head over to you blog now!
Thanks for stopping by, I am always open for questions if you need help along the way- hey we all needed help at some point- and usually still do- you can e-mail me at

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