Monday, October 25, 2010

Earring Cards

Like most good ideas- this came from my own personal need. I made a bunch of earrings up to sell at my shop and needed a way to display them that was attractive, eye catching, kept them organized, could be done by me, and cost effective.
Here is what I came up with.

The red ones on top I made larger and decided that they were too big but still think they will work for certain items. I also even used it for a necklace display.
I can make them any size you want... then you just take an exacto knife and make slits exactly where you want them depending on what you are using them for. Like the earring I make two small parallel slits but for the necklaces I make the slits on the side so that I can slide the necklace in the slits to keep it displayed nicely. (See top picture- last bottom teal card on left- necklace displayed on earring cards). I have not yet listed any so if you are interested leave a comment or contact me on Facebook. I can make as many or as few as you need. Right now I have the shiny foil like card-stock and a few patterns and textured ones. This is still a new idea I am tossing around- I know I will continue to make them and use them, immediately people started going up to them. The top picture is the display in my little shop, he one on the particle board table was me putting them on the cards- not my display (my husband was commented that was the first thing he noticed and it is ugly).
More boot camp catch up soon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holiday Success Boot Camp Catch-Up Week 2 & Week 3

I'm here, I'm here. I feel like I am always playing catch-up lately. I planned on participating in the Holiday Success Boot Camp weekly but well my best intentions feel through. I still am totally interested in improving and love learning about selling on etsy so instead of giving up since I am behind... I am gonna catch-up. I notice that not all the tasks are things I need to do or apply to me, and some I am happy to see I have already implemented so hopefully catching up will not be that hard.

Some of the assignments have to do with marketing and planning - so for now I will just say if I was able to complete the task, not so much go over all I did on it.

Week 2

*Read article - completed

*Make list of most popular items - completed

*Brainstorm new products that you will be offering this season- LOL... I am ALWAYS brainstorming this one, and since I am an admitted craft addict- sometimes even if I don't already make it, I think "Oh I could do this....". I have however made a short list of items I am going to get started on for this holiday season that will be new to my shop. So - completed

*Find boot camp buddy... hmmm anyone need a boot camp buddy? Still looking. Sent an invite to someone I found in forum so might have one- always happy to have more than one if someone is still looking or deciding to join late =)

*Post in week 2 forum thread - complete

Week 3

*Read article - completed

*Consider ways items can be personalized - thinking

*Fill in the Blank : get something done you have been putting off. I actually DID do this today... I made some iPhone/phone covers over 3 months ago one day when I was in a small project, which equals instant gratification, mood. I got almost all of them listed today. I still want to continue to list, for I have so many completed items already that I could list 5 a day a month straight and not be caught up... but am determined to try. Thing is I also continue to make new stuff! - completed

*Six Secrets Success Exercise- Wow, this article is just what I needed- really, I went to read it just so I could write my "completed" but this hit home. EXACTLY- I am going to be just who I am, and continue to surround myself with GOOD PEOPLE and trust my gut more. This article is worth the 5 minutes to read if no matter if you are doing the boot camp or not Six Success Secrets With The When I Grow Up Coach - completed

*Check in with buddy- working on that (read week 2 buddy assignment)

*Get Head Start on Your Holiday Stock - I actually dug out some patterns week (ok honestly I am moving and going through paperwork and found them and then put them aside to start making for the holidays- lol). I am going to be working on projects this weekend. - Started

*Post in week 3 forum thread - completed

I am going to do the rest of my catching in the morning. Going to wrap this up and spend a bit expanding on a few of these- like personalization ideas and narrowing down exactly what I want to make for the holidays- first to sell online and second to sell locally (then to make as gifts).

Above is a peek of one of the iPhone Cozies I listed today... listing is HERE

Love that is says "PASSION" -amen to that... exactly what hit home in the "Secrets" post... PASSION is key to success.. PASSION for what you do, PASSION for being of service to others, PASSION for life!

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