Thursday, August 20, 2009

Smiles and Pumpkin Hats

Smile.....I type it in e-mails, on Twitter, even keep it on my screen saver as a constant reminder to do it~ TO SMILE! I would like to share a few of my favorite sales & customers, in this and future posts, that make what I do what I LOVE. All my sales are special but every now and then there are a few that touch my heart and stick with me.....these stories that accompany these sales are the Reason I love to craft/create and then share it with all of you. It is the little notes, the glowing reviews, and the joy my handmade treasures make people that make me feel like what I do is kind of like in the business of making people happy~ how cool is that!

The one I choose to start off with has to be one of my all time favorite sales. This sale took place last year when I was then selling on eBay. Not only was Sarah Tisdale a delight to do business with but I think I got just as much out of this sale as she did ~such as ~ a great satisfaction and the knowledge that my handmade treasure played such a special role in something Special to Sarah. I made this hat- a pumpkin hat that was just too cute. I knew it would make a cute picture on some baby but never expected what I got back. Sarah bought the hat and shared with me that she was making a calendar of her Cute enough to eat son Chase Tisdale for the Grandparents as a Christmas present. She was having each month a different theme and my pumpkin hat was gonna be used for October. She said she would let me see the pictures when they were finished...and she kept her word. and I was shocked at how incredible cute these pictures turned out. She gave me permission to share them with you. Here is CUTIE PIE~ Pumpkin Pie ~ Chase!

These adorable pictures were taken by Jessica Lake Photography at I have looked at her site and her talent is beyond words....believe she is located in if you are in that area and looking for some GREAT pictures, just click on her name for link.

This is the sweet message that Chase's Sweet mother Sarah sent me~

"It makes me smile knowing that Chase's pumpkin hat was made by such a special woman. ......And your sweet little hat made October my favorite month." ~ NOW that is what I responses like that t my work. To this day Chase Tisdale and his Sweet Mom Sarah remain one if not my favorite client! Thanks Sarah & Chase!!! If you would like to order a pumpkin hat for your pumpkin or someone you truly is a great gift and as you can see, with very little, just a few real pumpkins it can make the most adorable pictures. You can contact me on here through comment, send me a convo through etsy at my etsy shop craftyGAgal Creations or Facebook....haha let me count the ways, right?
I am planning on listing them in my shops real soon but to secure your hat, I thought I would give my loyal blog readers first shot at orders!


Elizabeth M.D

Customers are def. a driving force. When they let you be apart of something so special like that. It's an instant bond, and hopefully it brings them back again!

Colleen Mailly

Adorable! Thanks for sharing and making me smile

craftyGAgal "Meredith"

Absolutely Elizabeth. And Colleen I still smile every time I see these pictures!


Just adorable! What a wonderful tribute to your work, Meredith! Definitely made me smile.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments

Cute pumpkin on a cute pumpkin :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Debs Blogs

great blog will br back :)

craftyGAgal "Meredith"

Thanks for Kind words y'all. My readers and Friends ROCK!

LC David

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Adorable pumpkin cap for those cute pumpkin heads! The photos are great, too!

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