Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lookie What I Got!

Hello Friends, I have been dying to share this with y'all for a couple days now, but I have had one issue after another, starting with my USB cord breaking off in my camera. I will spare y'all the Good run of BAD luck I had after that, but all is well , my photo uploading capabilities are Back!!! Look what I got in the mail from a DEAR, SWEET friend. I am going to do a blog post on her coming up, so for now I am not gonna link to her shops, BUT I wanted to show you my surprise. She sent me some GREEN AMETHYST... we were talking jewelry one day, I know BIG SURPRISE THERE, and she commented that she was using Green Amethyst in a piece and I had never seen any "green" amethyst, which is my birthstone and one of my all time FAVORITES. She said they were gorgeous, I asked her to take a picture and she is such a SWEETHEART, she just sent me what was left over. I am so glad she sent them because I see now that their Beautiful color does not begin to translate to a photo. I was so proud of them, plus my first parcel from Thailand, I took pictures to share with y'all.
I LOVE THEM, don't you? What is SO Special, is that not only did this dear friend send them to me, but she also teaches me so much. She is one of the MANY Special people that have come into my life lately that I know were Heaven Sent! She has been stressing the importance of loving me, and looking out for me, like I would for my best friend or my kids. WOW Such a simple concept, yet when she said it I was like, oh my, she has got a point. SO in honor of this simple yet so important fact that she has opened my eyes to, I am making ME something out of these beauties, which is something I rarely do. I know it seems funny, the woman who makes the pretty jewelry never makes herself something. I will post a picture of what I make when I am done. Thanks A.S.


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What a lovely story and a beautiful bracelet!

Your friend from Read My Blog,

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