Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wanna Know Why I Am Excited?

I am super excited... for a lot of reason. The best is what I felt when I walked outside this morning to take the kids to school- COLD AIR! It is finally starting to show signs of fall here in South Georgia. Now if I know GA I know we are not done with the heart- it loves us and has a hard time leaving each year and usually starts to go several times before it actual Gets Gone! I am excited to get out a new wardrobe, to light a fire in the fire place (yes I am one of those people that light it the first change I get, even if by the end of the night I have the AC on), for the boys to get outside time playing without coming in after 10-15 minutes because it is miserably hot and humid, and EXCITED to list my AFGHANS and the rest of my fall/winter items. I do have a few up like some hats and a scarf (as of writing this) but I have not gone gun-ho ...well for a couple reasons, one being it was like 100 degrees here, and well mainly because of matter where I look, I have searched etsy, Wal-Mart even Craig's List... I can not find where to buy more hours for the day- anyone with a lead, let me know! I have several, guesstimating about 7, big afghans...and I mean some are HUGE... one is 9o x 60 -That is OVER 7 FEET LONG! These blankets/afghans have many many hours and many more hours, a ton of yarn and a lot of LOVE in them! I plan on having everything that I have already made- fall/winter crochet wise by the end of next week because of the next reason I am excited....
Tomorrow I leave for IZEAFest at SeaWorld 2009 in Orlando... not only is it in Orlando AT SeaWorld but there is a ton of neat neat stuff planned... you can read all about it on my other blog Southern Handmade Gifts in the post It's A Lot of Work to Have Fun and also in the post Getting Ready for IZEAfest 2009. I am excited to meet all my twitter and Facebook friends and make new friends. There is going to be a ton of great information for all the great speaker and AWESOME night time activities.. you have to go read my blog post to find out...really really awesome places. I am getting jewelry ready today to take down there with me... I am holding a few contests not only from craftyGAgal Creations and also from Dylan Blue. Follow me on twitter to find out more, you do not have to be at IZEAFest .. I am setting aside a special giveaway for someone that is not able to attend.
Those are the two main reasons I am excited but also adding the icing to my cupcake are some sales on for a man who is buying a stained glass pendant for his daughter...he was very diligent in picking out the PERFECT piece for her...everyone say "Awwww" and a custom order for one of my newly listed PUMPKIN PIE Hat (which is my travel project I am taking to IZEAFest). Also I am working on a order to go to an Country Type Antique Gift Mart up in north GA... it is for scarves, hats, and some of my stained glass mosaic picture frames that are very county/folk art and will fit right in (I have yet to even photography them yet). Oh and I am working on some beanie hats for some of the guys at my church that are down on their luck and some stay outside ... think I will take the yarn to make one of those to IZEAFest too. Having a list of planned projects make me excited!

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