Friday, October 9, 2009

craftyGAgal Leaves GA!

Yes it is true... I mixed a little business with pleasure and blew this Popsicle Stand for IZEAfest 09. I had a blast and well now I am home and trying to catch up. I wanted to take a minute, drop in and let everyone know I was not missing, did return home from trip and got NEW jewelry coming your way. I have a big show tomorrow and will be listing after that so I will know what I have in stock. I hope that all my readers, customers and friends are doing well and are starting to think about the upcoming holidays. I, myself, have decided I am not waiting till last minute this tear and have already started my lists. I am hoping to get everything that I have made...which is a LOT... huge afghans, scraves, hars, jewelry golore listed within the next week or two. I am itching to make new designs. Right now I am working on 2 of the pumpkin hats that have sold. I love making them and know my customers will LOVE them too.
Here are a few pictures ..I have done several post with on my different blogs with pictures.. these pictures here are different... For this post I am only using pictures by Francisco Jose Palacio. Follow him on twitter where he is @FJPalacio. These pictures were taken at The ICEBAR Orlando.
He is an AWESOME photographer and since this is my artsier blog, lol, I decide to shine the spotlight on another artist. Thanks friend for letting me use them.


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