Friday, October 30, 2009

Do You Tweet? Add a Little More Income with Little Effort

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I wanted to share this with you since I know times are hard and well if you are like me, ever dollar counts. SO if you are already on twitter and using it for business or pleasure you can check this out. You must meet a few requirements, you have to have 200+ followers and your account must be so many days/months old. But besides that really easy peasy way to add to Christmas or Holiday money!
Sponsored Tweets does not spam your friends or followers. You approve the tweets that you want to allow. IT is super easy, it integrated into twitter, you link to your account... this is how it works it
  • Sign Up,~ super easy and it even recommends what you should charge for tweet, I also recommend going with that but check back often because it does increase.
  • You get "Direct Message" DM on your twitter account when you have tweet *you can choose to be e-mail about offer, but I like the DM option.
  • You see who offer is from, check out site, if you like, follow simple instructions. Some want you to write tweet then you submit it for approval or some actually give you the tweet just as they want it.
  • If you are happy and advertiser is happy they use your account to tweet one (to up to 3) times. They take care of sending it out when they want it to go out.
  • You are DM (Direct Messaged) (or e-mailed) again that transaction was complete.
  • They move funds into Sponsored Tweets account for you where you can log in to see you balance.
  • When you reach threshold to cash out they can move to your PayPal account.
SponsoredTweets referral badgeAs I hope I explained, it is super easy and you are not going to lose followers because you are spamming them with Porn sites, you are not spamming with one to three tweets, and you approve, porn, you approve, you know your followers best, so you approve which ones you think fit you.



I signed up and will try it for fun! Thanks so much for the info! xoxo Ines


I tweet you tweet Good Morning America. Yes, I do like you :)

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