Thursday, September 3, 2009

Miss Me?

I am here today to update with kinda an idea of what I want to blog about but more a hey I am here.... I did not forget bout y'all....and I have missed y'all! I have had a few things going on, nothing major, just life but I am back on track, beginning to catch up and excited to throw myself back in to etsy... I have been debating on dipping my toe back in eBay but I will just have to keep you posted. Anyone who knows me knows if you want to find me- GO to Facebook, lol...shamed to admit I am addicted, lol...but there are worse things...HAHA or that is what I tell myself anyhoo!
OK a few quick updates on some really NEAT things... a cute crocheted baby blanket I made was showcased on a AWESOME blog called "Just Nibbles", which is written by a super sweet and talented fellow estian named Justine who has a etsy shop full of Goodies called Justine's Originals. Check out her shop and her know what I tell y' will not be disappointed!
Also I have sent some stained glass pieces to an awesome artist who is in Utah and she is using them in photographs for her book coming out in 2010...which is a fashion type book based around Alice In Wonderland... I got to look at one of the shot...WOW ... I am so excited to be a part. I am going to ask her is I can post at least a sneak peak on my blog...but if you are really wanting to see it go to my FB page
I have some more good news to share, but need to get my links and all in order before sending y'all on a chase for something you can not access....
Again... Glad to have each and everyone of my followers and I am will be back more MIA blogger- I know it was only a week, but I enjoy what I do and this is part of it!



I'm a new blog reader, so I didn't notice you were gone :). Congrats on the feature! Your boys are adorable! :)

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