Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pictures ARE Here!!

Hello! Sorry for the absence y'all...funny because that is the way about 7 notes have started this last few weeks to my twins school. They have been swapping a fever for over 2 weeks now. I am wore out and I know my parents out there can relate it is pitifully watching your children be sick. It has been a month of Dr. visits with one or the other one.... allergies, virus, then just TELL me why they are not getting better, still have fever and will you please give me an antibiotic now Please... so that is where are are now, still had one out today with a fever and tomorrow is iffy... but he is on meds. The other twin has had to tough it out, fever seems to be gone and I am still treating symptoms, running nose, cough, just miserable for my little troops.
With things semi back on track I am getting back to etsy with determination to finish listing what I have and really gear up for Christmas.

I got a great package in the mail today... I sent some pieces to a photographer that I met on etsy for her to use in a photos for a book that she is doing to be released in 2010 with the theme of "Alice in Wonderland". When she asked I was flattered....when I checked out her website I was BLOWN AWAY and really excited. I was so not disappointed. Her pictures are just sensational, her talent blisteringly apparent and well I will just show you the ones that she did for the book. You can see that one model is wearing a purple rectangle piece but it is wider instead of longer... and the other is wearing a n amber piece with milky streaks... it might be hard to see them but I can and well am flattered that they were used as part of setting a photo so beautiful and that it is going into a book with credit given to me for jewelry!
Got check out Chelsea Wilde Site New Resolution Photo- go grab a cup of coffee or tea first because you are gonna wanna look for a bit, each shot, be it nature or fashion is so beautiful and intriguing. Enjoy!
Oh another that are from that shot for the book... which by the way was shot in the Salt Flats of Utah! Stayed tuned for some Fashion shot she did for me for my portfolio!
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