Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside....

I'm excited for a couple reasons....
Finally we are getting some cooler weather here in Georgia... welcomed cooler weather (least for a minute, then we will all forget how HOT the dog days of summer were and start complaining about the cold- never fails). I am loving it, even though it brings me more pain... I love sweaters, jeans, hoodies, scarves (Yes I am determined to ROCK many scarves this winter- be on the look out), bon fires, and that something I can explain that makes already great coffee even better in the evening. I am busy making hats, both to sell and that brings me to what I am even more excited about then cooler weather...
BOOGALOO.... born October 25, 2010, My beautiful little cousin blessed our family (and the World) with "Boogaloo". I am busy making hats for him, the ideas spin around in my head faster then my hook with go. He is already the most adorable baby I have ever seen since mine own boys... I am not joking... Here take a peek for yourself.
Told ya!. Before Boogaloo was born I crocheted him a couple beanies hats, a few cotton washcloths, a baby blanket. I thought they were super cute and when I gave them to my cousin at her baby shower she seemed to really like them. Here is a quick photo I took before running out the door (probably late) to the shower.

But the icing on that cake was how I was absolutely delighted and so proud when I saw a picture of Boogaloo in the off white (natural) colored beanie (100% cotton)... OMGOSH words fail me... here is the picture so you can see for yourself.

I have several hats listed here in my etsy shop, but the cotton boy beanies are $12. I also get many request for the camouflage beanies- which I can not find a cotton - only an acrylic (which washes up nicely). I made Boogaloo a camo one, but lots of people buy them for babies born to Military parents or parents who like to hunt (usually the dads, but here in GA that could be the mom too). I also have a pink camo for the girls.

I am happy to make up one for your new little bundle of joy or expected bundle of joy. And oh how much JOY they bring... Thanks BOOGALOO for reminding me! I LOVE YOU! Can't wait for his first Christmas or the Turkey Hat I am making him (that's right, Boogaloo as a Turkey = Priceless and CUTE!... pictures sure to come). I didn't know how to crochet (or blog) when my twins where babies, and it is kinda hard to get my boys, now 8, to wear the pumpkin or turkey hats (now I didn't say I wasn't gonna try)... so I am delighted that I know how to crochet now that Boogaloo is here (not to mention have the time since I am not constantly feeding and changing diapers.)

Alright Y'all.... Rock on.



Love, love love! Welcome to the world, Boogaloo! He is so freakin' adorable, especially with your beanie atop that little head. Makes me smile!

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