Monday, October 25, 2010

Earring Cards

Like most good ideas- this came from my own personal need. I made a bunch of earrings up to sell at my shop and needed a way to display them that was attractive, eye catching, kept them organized, could be done by me, and cost effective.
Here is what I came up with.

The red ones on top I made larger and decided that they were too big but still think they will work for certain items. I also even used it for a necklace display.
I can make them any size you want... then you just take an exacto knife and make slits exactly where you want them depending on what you are using them for. Like the earring I make two small parallel slits but for the necklaces I make the slits on the side so that I can slide the necklace in the slits to keep it displayed nicely. (See top picture- last bottom teal card on left- necklace displayed on earring cards). I have not yet listed any so if you are interested leave a comment or contact me on Facebook. I can make as many or as few as you need. Right now I have the shiny foil like card-stock and a few patterns and textured ones. This is still a new idea I am tossing around- I know I will continue to make them and use them, immediately people started going up to them. The top picture is the display in my little shop, he one on the particle board table was me putting them on the cards- not my display (my husband was commented that was the first thing he noticed and it is ugly).
More boot camp catch up soon.


Tres Chic Designs Jewelry

Meredith, how "crafty" you are! I have had some made professionally that cost me my first born, but your idea is much better! Thanks for sharing.
I miss you on Artisans/Jewelry Designers, Ltd. Wish you could come back. I read about your chronic pain on FB - I have that too. You can always advertise yourself on our FB page - it is open to all handmade crafter!
Big Hugs to a wonderful Mom, Sharon

craftyGAgal "Meredith"

I will be back- just so many networks, not enough time. I haven't forgot about y'all, promise.
Let me know if you ever need some more- promise it will not cost you first born- I already have twins- lol... and I will give you a special rate if you are ever interested. Smile Sharon

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