Thursday, September 30, 2010

Treasuries Always an Honor

Being included in a treasury by a fellow etsian is ALWAYS an Honor!
I have been so fortunate in this last 2 weeks or so to have my items featured in some absolutely beautiful treasuries! I would love for you to check them out- they are filled with gorgeous and unique items. I love that people create treasuries with different ideas and thoughts in mind- some a color, others an emotions or a feeling. I love to look at the group as a whole and the titles of the treasuries- it often gives you an inside peek about the creator.
Here they are
Just Jewellery- Red a beautiful collection of red items
SIGH a treasury created around a feeling the creator was having of sadness and hope combined
Eclectic Earthy a gorgeous collection that spans from browns to oranges
Coveting Green Green Green
Cool Blue! A treasury made up of the creator Facebook friends
Orange Glow Warms My Soul name sums it up perfectly

I must admit I have not made a treasury but I am going to put that on my to do list for this weekend- especially now that we do not have to fight to get one. I am honored to be featured- always honored, each and every time! Thanks to all that have ever included any of my items in their treasury.
Here is the most recent one my items were featured in~ Enjoy!

'Orange Glow Warms My Soul' by soulenergy

It's been raining for two days, and I needed something to cheer me up on this gray Monday! These wonderful artists have done it for me. Enjoy, and have a great week!

October Sky - 5x7 Fine ...

BURNING GLOW Amber Oran...

Celestial Beings large ...

Sun Rings

Fern Poetry (Sepia) 5X7

UpCycled ReCycled Repur...

Sun and Moon Mason Jar ...

Red Daisy Glow 5x5 Digi...

Shades of Orange-Mosaic...

Halloween bottlecap nec...

Pumpkin Solar Lights ,U...

Pumpkin Bokeh - 8x8 Fin...

Abstract Outsider Art F...

Sunset Silhouette - 5x7...

Vintage Harvest - Fine ...

Halloween Lanterns

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It is always an honor to be included in a treasury, and I'm happy to have included your beautiful stained glass earrings in Orange Glow. Finally, finally after FOUR days now of rain, we saw the sun today!!

I love creating treasuries, and I rarely have a color theme. They're usually based on something going on in my life, and become very personal. You say you haven't curated one yet-- I say, Do it! You'll love it!

All the best, Jessica

P.S. Your bio made me smile, your boys are too cute, and you've got a new follower! :)

craftyGAgal "Meredith"

Thanks Jessica~ I am fixin' to go "curate" one in a minute- I was searching for that word earlier when writing but for some reason I kept coming up with creator- lol.
I do notice that many- and often the best- are created with an emotion or feeling that provoked the idea or search.
I am always honored- especially when someone I do not know includes me- you have to think, they looked at who knows how many images and listings and picked mine... makes me feel special!
Thanks about my boys- they are by far my greatest accomplishment! That pic is over a year ago- they are 8 now... and growing like weeds!
Happy to have a new follower- always! Headed to check out your blog(s) now.


Thanks for sharing the treasuries!! Your work is just beautiful!! I think I will add to my list making a treasury also. Thanks for the inspiration!

craftyGAgal "Meredith"

Melissa I did one late last night and absolutely did love it- I was scared of that- I really do not have time for anything else- but well guess I will make time- lol.


Hi Meredith:

I just found your e-mail message. Thanks for contacting me. I will be supporting you, too, during the Etsy Boot Camp. Your Etsy Shop has some really cute products. I also need to do a Treasury.

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