Friday, September 24, 2010

My New Obsession ~ Polymer Clay

I totally admit that I am a craft junkie! I love all crafts and forms of art. I also admit that when I get into something - I go all in. Enter polymer clay.... Oh yeah, I love it. There are so many things I love about it. I love the instant gratification. Some crafts I do such as crocheting or cross stitching- you sometimes work hours before a project even begins to resemble anything, let alone what it is eventually going to be. I also love the fact that I can walk away from a polymer clay project and come back to it without worrying about the clay drying out, just pick up where I left off (I do cover it with a paper or something to keep dust particles off- it would surprise you the stuff that can land on your clay if left out too long). I love that polymer clay can be abstract. It is much like painting- you can make a certain object or just something that is pretty. I love that I can make my own beads or pendants to then use in other jewelry projects- just taking the "handmade" one step further. Polymer clay projects and techniques are endless- I get lost in links and tutorials on different sites about polymer clay and before you know it hours have passed.

So there you have it- I admit it- I am addicted to polymer clay. I have several finished necklaces and pendants that I will be listing in my etsy shop. I can't wait to show everyone and get some feedback.

Also I am sorry for not being around- I am back into a routine now that the kids are back in school and we are moved... this last year has been a rough one but I am emerging stronger and even more determine to reach my goals. I am back for good and look forward to connecting with old friends again, along with meeting new ones!

Here is a sneak peak - I am listing this polymer pendant on a handmade necklace today... I layered many colored- textured with a stamp, and then sliced aways raised pieces of the design to reveal the colors underneath-




Elysian Field Originals

Very nice pendant!! I've been playing with polymer clay for years and love it!!

craftyGAgal "Meredith"

Thanks so much. I really have fallen head over heels for polymer clay- like I do with all my crafts. Each is good for a different time or emotion or available space or season....
Thanks for stopping by!

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